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Also available: PolyureCoat Accelerator - Reduce the drying and curing time of PolyureCoat to 30 mins!

Polyurecoat is a two part component liquid waterproof membrane, formulated from a unique blend of moisture triggered polyurethane resin to produce a fast curing, seamless, tough and elastic waterproofing system. Highly durable and puncture resistant. Ideal for both new construction and refurbishment projects. Can be applied to a wide range of substrates and facilitates ease of installation of intricate details, regularly seen on most roofing projects.


Benefits & Advantages

• Easy and quick application

• Quick single layer application in most cases

• Fast curing time of 30 minutes

• Seamless membrane with over 600% elongation

• Low temperature installation of -5°C if accelerant is used

• 12 months shelf life, 6 months longer than other similar products on the market

• Easy-Trim GFR 225 reinforcement only needed along the upstands and other details

• Apply with a roller, brush or spray


Available in 6kg and 25kg tins



General Preparation
Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free of any rust, mould and contaminants such as oil, grease and dust. Loose
stone chippings must be removed and any cracks and splits in the substrate must be repaired using Easy-Trim GFR before
installing the new waterproofing system. Please contact the Easy-Trim technical department for further information regarding
concrete or single ply applications.

Mix the product for approximately 2 minutes before carefully pouring the accelerator into the tin of PolyureCoat and slowly
mixing with a paddle mixer until the accelerator is visibly mixed with the PolyureCoat. Mix the accelerator at the exact same
ratio as supplied with the PolyureCoat. Not adhering to the prescribed ratio could lead to an incorrect mix and the product not
curing properly.


Work out the area to be covered by each tin before commencing the application. Apply the accelerated product using a roller,
in a single coat application, at a nominal rate of 1.5kg/m² over the entire main area. Upstands, joints and de-bonded laps must
be reinforced using Easy-Trim GFR 225 in a wet - wet application. Apply a coat of PolyureCoat at 1.5kg/m² over the upstand
or joint, (ply or OSB deck joints must be taped over) then bed into the prepared area Easy-Trim GFR 225 (available in 150mm
and 250mm widths). Pull through the PolyureCoat using a roller or brush across the matting, adding a further 0.25kg/m² whilst
still wet to fully encapsulate the GFR matting. Ensure the detail is continued on all the upstands.
The curing time of accelerated PolyureCoat is rapid, so ensure the required application standard is achieved before moving on.
For a full product guarantee the whole roof area must be coated in PolyureCoat. When applied without the accelerator,

PolyureCoat must be applied in two thin coats with a coverage rate of no more than 0.8kg/m² per coat.
A completely waterproof skin will be formed after 30 minutes, in normal conditions, of installing the membrane and fully trafficable
after 2-4 hours. Full curing time is 24 hours. PolyureCoat will not be damaged by a light shower 30 minutes after the installation,
but a heavy shower could cause indentations in the membrane.

Typical Physical & Performance Data
Packaging 6kg and 25kg tins
Accelerator 210ml (6kg) and 850ml (25kg)
Pot life 30 minutes (time from mixing to when it begins to dry or cure)
Application Roller, brush or spray
Colours Dark grey
Pallet Quantity 6kg - 80 tins
25kg - 36 tins
Colours Dark grey
Storage 12 months in original, unopened and tightly closed containers, at temperature +5oC to 35oC


PolyureCoat Accelerator
Additive which, when mixed with PolyureCoat, accelerates the drying and curing times of the polyurethane weatherproofing
system. The accelerator should be used at the ratio supplied (210ml to 6kg of PolyureCoat and 850ml to 25kg) to avoid the
product not curing properly.
NOTE: Use of the accelerant causes the product to cure in as little as 30 minutes, so care should be taken to ensure the application area is fully prepared before mixing commences.


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