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Heating Torches

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Burning Torch Complete Kit

Burning Torch Complete Kit€62.06

Exact 1000mm Extension Tube

Exact 1000mm Extension Tube€20.03

Exact 2 Prong Torch Adaptor

Exact 2 Prong Torch Adaptor€23.18

Exact 4 Prong Torch Adaptor

Exact 4 Prong Torch Adaptor€34.72

Exact 600mm Extension Tube

Exact 600mm Extension Tube€15.94

Exact Torch Handle with Trigger

Exact Torch Handle with Trigger€41.01

Exact Torch Stands

Exact Torch Stands€5.23

Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve€41.12

GRUN 100mm Neck Tube

GRUN 100mm Neck Tube€14.58

GRUN 200mm Neck Tube

GRUN 200mm Neck Tube€15.55

GRUN 350mm Neck Tube

GRUN 350mm Neck Tube€17.04

GRUN 45mm Burner Head

GRUN 45mm Burner Head€25.28

GRUN 55mm Burner Head

GRUN 55mm Burner Head€30.55

GRUN 600mm Neck Tube

GRUN 600mm Neck Tube€20.03

GRUN 65mm Burner Head

GRUN 65mm Burner Head€32.73

GRUN Super Turbo Dryer

GRUN Super Turbo Dryer€234.32

GRUN Torch Handle

GRUN Torch Handle€50.56

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Page 4 of 5:    87 Items


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