Mariseal 460 Project on Residential Home

Year of Project - 2023

Project Details

Residential home, Co.Wexford
Contractor: MC Services Wexford
System Installed: Mariseal System for Waterproofing
Site Size: 68 sqm

Project Overview:

For this project, each material was sourced from RoofNStop. The assessment revealed that the old Fibreglass/Asphalt waterproofing system was due for a massive overhaul. In response to this need, RoofNStop proposed the advanced Mariseal system by Maris Saint-Gobain, a liquid membrane solution known for its durability and efficacy.

Working in close collaboration, the contractor and RoofNStop's technical team crafted a comprehensive plan. This plan was tailored to the project's unique requirements, leveraging the superior properties of the Mariseal system to ensure a seamless and long-lasting waterproofing solution. The result was a bespoke approach that not only addressed the immediate waterproofing concerns but also promised an enduring defence against the elements, ensuring the integrity of the structure for years to come.

Roof N Stop Ltd.


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