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RoofNstop Reclaimed! 

If you are seeking for reclaimed roof tiles then Roofnstop is the place for you, Featuring a huge array of second hand roof tiles, ridge tiles and slates. we are sure to have what you need. 
We believe everything deserves a second chance from refurbs to general repairs. Using salvaged or second hand products can save you money and help the planet too! 
We have supplied many many projects from small residential to larger public buildings, and with our team of knowledgeable staff and expertise you can be sure to find what you need! 
On a daily basis we continuously grade and prepare pallets of second hand materials and architectural salvage to leave our yard bound for a range of destinations all over Ireland, and sometimes internationally. 

So give us a call or drop into our yard and we will help you with your project or repair. 





Some interesting facts about reclaimed roof tiles and slate!

One of the main benefits of reclaimed roof tiles is their aged weathered beauty. This cannot be reproduced even using modern techniques. It is especially difficult to match new tiles to the original roof tiles for a repair job.

Reclaimed Slates!
Welsh Slate roofing is commonly removed from roofs after 100 years not because they have failed but because the roof timbers holding them up have failed. The Welsh slates may then be reused. Penrhyn slate, for example, was removed from St Asaph Cathedral after 400 years in use and reused and this practice also applies to civic buildings as far away as Australia.

Roof tiles have been a popular choice in building design throughout history partly due to the fact they have an extremely long life span. In fact they can still be found on Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman buildings. Reclaimed roof tiles can be salvaged from demolished buildings or recovered during re-roofing projects. So it makes perfect sense to reclaim and reuse them.

Saving the planet, doing your bit!

In a recent survey by Salvo, a salvage business in Ashton-under-Lyne saves enough energy in one year to offset the building of eighty houses. Salvo found that the reclamation company saved around 650 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2e) annually which is the equivalent energy needed to build 80 new houses made with reclaimed building materials for the walls, floors and roof. Alternatively, it would be enough to run two indoor civic swimming pools, build 8 new houses using new materials, manufacture 2 large wind turbines, or make 50 new electric cars. Over the past twenty five years the company has saved more than 16,000t CO2e.



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