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Why use Heritage & Reclaimed Products?

Old slates have been re-used for generations in the Conservation of historic buildings. In recent years demand increased as more buildings are being listed.

Demand for reclaimed slates and tiles is driven by Building Legislation, consumer demand and the fact that many churches, courthouses, railway stations and great houses are well over 100 years old and their roofs require upgrading. The easy way out and the cheapest solution is to put on fibre cement slates or concrete tiles but you are unlikely to get past your local planning authority. Planners are ensuring that homeowners protect our built heritage for future generations.

A re-roof with shining new fire-cement slates, adjacent to other buildings with old Blue Bangor slates is incongruous and not acceptable. Equally a large new concrete tile, beside a weather beaten Marley Ludlow Plus tile, on an extension of a 1960’s house looks cheap and reduces the value of the property.

Roofing contractors and customers work closely with us prior to undertaking a re-roof. We will advise on the reclaimed materials available including budget cost of supply.  This enables us to have materials available on time, prevent time wasting and ensures that re-roofs match the original and comply with planning regulations.




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