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Maris Polymers MARISEAL Application Guide

Tuesday, 17 December 2019  |  Admin

Maris Polymers MARISEAL Systems Application Guide



MARISEAL SYSTEM A flat roof is constantly exposed to humidity, weathering acid rain attack, mechanical wear and ongoing movement stresses due to temperature changes. As a result, most flat roofs are looking and require a renovation.

MARISEAL SYSTEM (Professional roof water proofing) Group of coatings based on polyurethane resins.

Creation of seamless membrane on the flat roof that protects the building structure on along term basis.

• Simple application

• Forming a seamless membrane

• Resistant to water

• Uv stable

• Provides water vapor permeability

• Easy and fast local repair if membrane damaged

• Low cost

Beside main application field of roof waterproofing, the application possibilities of MARISEL SYSTEM are almost unlimited. Roofs, balconies, terraces, wet areas (bathroom and kitchens), planter boxes, roof car parking areas, foundations, protection over PUR spray foam concrete protection.

Backbone of MARISEAL is the MARRISEAL 250 functioning as the main elastic waterproofing membrane of the system. One component liquid applied, cold applied, cold curing polyurethane coating. MARISEAL 250 has been tested by the German State Testing Institute for construction materials MPA Braunschweig according to European Union Directive for liquid applied roof waterproofing ETAG 005.



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