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Vetroasfalto was started in 1963, they adopted quality as their production philosophy.
They have always been particularly sensitive and attentive to the evolutions of the market, with a continuous updating of their products. They constantly dedicate themselves to supplying well aimed and specific solutions to the growing quality demands in the field of waterproofing technologies, with an ongoing commitment to reliability, safety, and durability.
Waterproofing contractors can meet the growing demands of the market through their professionalism, and their ability to carry out their work according to the relevant codes of practice, and most importantly, using high quality products with guaranteed and certified performances.
The importance of the Vetroasfalto trade mark
The Viapol trade mark represents the company's success.
Viapol was the first polymer bitumen waterproofing membrane on the market appearing in the 60's as a direct consequence of the researches of Nobel Prize Giulio
Natta in the field of APP and IPP polymers.

After almost 50 years of continuous development, to this day in many Italian regions, Viapol is synonymous with "waterproofing membrane".
All over the world Viapol continues to be synonymous with experience, reliability, efficiency, quality and dedication. 
Vetroasfalto market worldwide
After 30 years of success in the Italian market, characterised by large and prestigious projects, Vetroasfalto has increasingly affirmed its production and commercial philosophy worldwide. Today the company can boast a steadily growing market share in all the most important European markets. In addition Vetroasfalto is also expanding into AsiaAustralia and North America, where its quality and trade marks becomes more popular every day.

Vetroasfalto's added value are its research & development and technical staff. Thanks to its team of experts Vetroasfalto is able to design specific products to meet the requirements of specific geographical areas

Vetroasfalto company certifications
Quality System is the combination of the organizational structure of a Company, its responsibilities, its procedures, its operational instructions, and its resources. The combination of all these elements are finalized to implement a Company policy of "Total Quality", meeting customers requirements and expectations, which are the first and foremost goal of every Quality Process System
The CE marking is a compulsory requirement for marketing and free circulation of a product on the European Markets, according to the European Directive Division: Directive 89/106/CE, Construction materials. The aim is to protect the end user in compliance with all requirements set by the above mentioned Directive
Green building councils are member-based organisations that empower industry leaders to effect the transformation of the local building industry toward sustainability. With one hundred thousand buildings and almost one billion square metres of green building space registered, the influence and impact of this global network is a significant force for social and environmental change

AWM is a specialist construction auditing company operating in the roofing and cladding sector. They offer various services for all types of roofing and cladding systems


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Viapol Unisol 4mm

Viapol Unisol 4mm€55.00

Viapol Syntesi 5.5KG

Viapol Syntesi 5.5KG€50.00

Viapol Syntesi 4.5KG

Viapol Syntesi 4.5KG€42.50

Viapol Systema 3mm

Viapol Systema 3mm€42.50

Viapol Systema 2mm

Viapol Systema 2mm€32.50


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