Mariseal System Project - Residential home

Year of Project - 2023

Project Details

Residential home, Co.Dublin
Contractor: Principal Construction
System Installed: Mariseal System for Waterproofing

Project Overview:

At RoofNStop, we're always ready to support our customers, new and seasoned alike, as they embark on exciting projects with our products. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a client who was using the Mariseal Polyurethane System for the very first time. Our involvement went beyond just supplying materials; we provided on-site demonstrations to ensure the correct application of each layer in the system's build-up. The project required a carefully executed sequence, beginning with the Mariflex PU30 Sealant for an impermeable base, followed by the Mariseal 710 Primer to set the stage for the next layers. Key areas, including joints and parapet walls, received additional reinforcement with Mariseal 250 combined with a Mariseal 100MM Fleece, while a double coating of Mariseal 250 ensured a watertight seal. The final flourish was achieved with the Mariseal 400 Top Coat, providing a durable yet aesthetically pleasing surface.

In a separate but equally noteworthy venture, @principal_construction showcased their expertise on a flat roof extension, using the same Mariseal system to deliver an outcome that delighted the homeowner with its neat and attractive finish. Their choice to incorporate high-quality accessories like the electric Flat Glass Units and Ubbink roof vents, all sourced from RoofNStop, underscored their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. It's these successful applications that demonstrate the versatility and superior finish of the Mariseal Polyurethane System by Saint Gobain, and we at RoofNStop are proud to be at the forefront, supplying and guiding the best in the business.

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