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Slating and Tiling Tools

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1 Point Break Iron

1 Point Break Iron€20.00

2 Point Bench Iron

2 Point Bench Iron€20.00

2 Point Slate Scribe

2 Point Slate Scribe€15.09

Baby Hip Iron

Baby Hip Iron€4.50

Double Slate Punch Machine

Double Slate Punch Machine€640.29

EDMA Batten Lifter

EDMA Batten Lifter€30.00

EDMA Large Slate Guillotine

EDMA Large Slate Guillotine€150.00

EDMA Mastercut

EDMA Mastercut€72.50

EDMA Pro Roofer Set

EDMA Pro Roofer Set€95.00

EDMA Slate Cutter with Punch

EDMA Slate Cutter with Punch€60.00

EDMA Small Slate Guillotine

EDMA Small Slate Guillotine€70.00

Estwing Slaters Hammer Pick

Estwing Slaters Hammer Pick€62.27

Estwing Slaters Pick

Estwing Slaters Pick€72.96

Hip Iron

Hip Iron€4.50

Hip Runners

Hip Runners€65.00

Real Rubber Bucket

Real Rubber Bucket€30.00

Roofer Ridge Bucket

Roofer Ridge Bucket€15.00

Single Tip Scribe

Single Tip Scribe€8.00

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Page 1 of 2:    27 Items


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