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Stealth Cowls

Stealth Cowls
Stealth CowlsStealth CowlsStealth Cowls
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It’s not often that one can say a chimney cowl has the luxury of being a decorative feature and the Brewer Stealth Cowl offers just that. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the stealth cowl combines both practical and aesthetic qualities to bring a unique cowl to the market. Using a vane and ball bearing system, the Stealth Cowl rotates ensuring that the opening to the flue is always pointed away from the prevailing wind allowing for the efficient exhaust of fumes and smoke in exposed areas.


Fixing kit included.

What is it for?

If you have a problem with a steady blow back of smoke – this may be caused by unfavourable site conditions. As the wind strikes buildings and trees, areas of air pressure and suction are set up .The pressure may be greater than the upward pressure of the smoke rising up the flue. This pressure variation effect can be a problem where the chimney outlet is below the roof line or lower than surrounding buildings and trees. The Stealth Cowl is ideal for solving these problems because it swivels freely to keep the open vent away from the prevailing wind and should produce suction at the correct point to allow efficient exhaust of fumes and smoke. It also offers the choice of a product with a unique shape and sleek design.

What sizes & options are available?

The Stealth Cowl is suitable for fitting to a round chimney pot or flue. The Stealth Cowl is available in two sizes. The Model 180 for internal diameters between 115mm to 180mm (4.5” to 7”) & the Model 235 for internal diameters between 180mm to 235mm (7” to 9.5”). Maximum temperature for use is 250°C. The Stealth Cowl is made from stainless steel powder coated terracotta, buff or black. The base is made from cast aluminium. It is suitable for fitting to a round chimney pot. However, special adaptors can be purchased in addition, to suit a variety of applications such as large round, square and even rectangular outlets. An adaptor plate is required for metal or plastic flues and ducts. Brewer also recommends the addition of an adaptor plate for exposed areas with high wind.

How do I fit one?

Once up on the roof, the Stealth Cowl is fitted by attaching the cast aluminium base to the pot using four stainless steel hook bolts and then securing using a stainless steel strap. An adaptor plate may be required.


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